Thanks Orville and Wilbur

by Michael Yessis on March 31, 2014

Highway 29, Virginia

by Michael Yessis on December 10, 2012

Highway 29, Virginia

The Red Balloon meets Whole Foods Parking Lot

by Michael Yessis on March 5, 2012

All Together Now

by Michael Yessis on December 7, 2011

Every song the Beatles recorded layered on top of one another and played at the same time. Messy and fascinating.

(Via Kottke)

Cambridge, Massachusetts

by Michael Yessis on September 26, 2011

‘The Art of Google Books’

by Michael Yessis on September 21, 2011

Mesmerizing project. One of my favorite images:

The Promise of Boutique Electronic Publishing

by Michael Yessis on September 16, 2011

Intriguing look at how Byliner, The Atavist and others are creating a market for long-form nonfiction writing. Writes Emily Witt:

Once electronic readers become ubiquitous, the purchase of long-form articles might become as regular as a cup of coffee.

Forest Park, Illinois

by Michael Yessis on September 14, 2011

Is the ‘Madness’ of Travel in our DNA?

by Michael Yessis on September 7, 2011

Elizabeth Kolbert’s New Yorker story about Svante Paabo’s quest to sequence the Neanderthal genome contains a theory about why humans travel and seek the unknown. Kolbert notes that the archeological record shows Neanderthals’ migration stopped “when they reached water or some other significant obstacle,” while “archaic humans” pushed past those barriers, across open water and beyond. Paabo, writes Kolbert, seeks to “identify the basis for this ‘madness’ by comparing Neanderthal and human DNA.”

Paabo explains:

It’s only modern humans who start this thing of venturing out on the ocean where you don’t see land. Part of that is technology, of course; you have to have ships to do it. But there is also, I like to think or say, some madness there. You know? How many people must have sailed out and vanished on the Pacific before you found Easter Island? I mean, it’s ridiculous. And why do you do that? Is it for the glory? For immortality? For curiosity? And now we go to Mars. We never stop.

He adds:

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Erie County, Ohio

by Michael Yessis on August 29, 2011

This Sound Opinions episode, with Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot playing their favorite musical duets, reminded me of Joshua Wolf Shenk’s terrific Slate story about the magic of creative partnerships, particularly the Lennon-McCartney combo.

Kot puts Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Only Living Boy in New York” high on his list of great duets. Solid pick.

World Hum Contributors in the World

by Michael Yessis on July 3, 2011

We posted a roundup of all the great things our contributors accomplished beyond World Hum while we had our quiet time. Inspiring. Congrats, everyone!