In addition to launching and leading digital content as an editor at USA Today, Aol Travel, Mapquest and World Hum, I also report and write. I’m currently finishing up a book project, and I have contributed to the sites I’ve led and elsewhere. Some portfolio highlights:

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Content Strategy/Editing

Co-created groundbreaking culture and travel publication with Jim Benning in 2001. World Hum was acquired by Discovery Communications/Travel Channel in 2007. I stayed with site and co-managed editorial and business operations as Travel Channel employee, then as a partner from 2011-2012. We built the site and the business upon:

Award-winning first-person narratives

One of the Internet’s first and most in-depth travel blogs

Interviews with writers and travelers

Speakers’ Corner opinion pieces

Writing Samples

Traveling in Watercolor

Seven Wonders of the Shrinking Planet

10 Greatest Fictional Travelers


Andrew Potter: The Search for Authenticity

Jason Reitman and Walter Kirn: ‘Up in the Air’

John Leland: Sex, Art and Spirituality in ‘On the Road’

Ramon Stoppelenburg: The Godfather of CouchSurfing

Chris Doyle: The Art of Jumping on Beds and the ‘50,000 Beds’ Project

Rolf Potts: Revelations From a Postmodern Travel Writer

Matt Gross: Reflections From a ‘Round-the-World Journey

Mark Ellingham: Rough Guides and the Ethics of Travel

Nicholas Gill: Life in Chaitén, Chile, a Year After the Eruption

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 11.36.20 AMContent Strategy/Editing

Edited, wrote and guided my team’s development of original stories, first-person narratives, guides, videos and interactive maps across desktop, tablets and mobile apps, repositioning and revitalizing a pioneering Internet brand. Under my guidance, my team and I developed:

99 Summer Travel Quests

Major League Baseball Gameday Guides

Domestic and International Destination Coverage

Airport Guides

Pop Culture Travel Guides

Travel Rankings

Daily Travel Content

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 11.44.20 AMContent Strategy/Editing

Created editorial franchises, partnerships and daily stories, including news coverage, videos and first-person narratives, reviving a brand that had been dormant for 18 months. I devised and executed content and social media strategy. Under my guidance, my team and I developed:

Great American Road Trips

Spring Break Crawls

Letters To Our Younger Selves

Writing Samples

The Margaritaville Diaries

13 Things Every Florida Traveler Should Know (as Learned From Carl Hiaasen’s Novels)

The Summer Travel Odds

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 11.47.27 AMDeveloped and managed content for The Point, an innovative digital portal featuring custom local news and content for USA Today partners. Also, developed and managed destination travel content for 29 domestic and international cities.

The Point



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